Annie Park
Due date: 4/27/10

How will people react to non-conformist behavior in a small, closed space like an elevator?

*Alternate options:
How will people react to a stranger joining them while eating?
Will people conform to group behavior in a small, closed space like an elevator?
How will people react when they think a famous person/news anchor is filming something just inches away from them?

4. When I walk into an elevator and face the wrong direction, people will either stare or treat me differently (there will be a reaction).

Conformist behavior would be to face the same direction as everyone else. I will do the opposite and face the back wall - people will most likely think this is very strange and react to it.

5. I chose unobtrusive observation to do this experiment. If people know that I am doing this for a research project, they may act different. I want to get results from people who just think I am facing the wrong direction for no reason.

Several potential obstacles I may face in conducting the research:
- It may be hard to distinguish what a definite reaction would be - people might stare, people might say things, but others might just be thinking things (in which case I would not know)
- I have to be careful not to smile or laugh during this experiment - that would cause others to probably realize that I am doing an experiment and therefore act differently.
- People may not react to my strange behavior while in the elevator - they may talk about it more once they step out.