Technology addicts

Most teenagers nowadays are extremely dependent on technology: computers (the Internet), cell phones, iPods and mp3 players, cameras, calculators, etc. And I have to admit, I am one of those teens. I might be able to go a day without using any technology. Maybe. But a week? No way.

Second semester seniors

Urban Dictionary's definition: A victim of senioritis. Often displays symptoms of apathy, procrastination with the realization that it - be 'it' school, sports, whatever - doesn't really matter anymore. Second semester seniors can be found lying in bed, on Facebook, at a party, or anywhere that requires the least amount of work possible.

Because second semester grades usually do not count in the college admission process, seniors tend to become lazy right around the beginning of second semester. Things that stop mattering: school, grades, maintaining good student-teacher relationships, studying, homework. Things that start mattering: sleep, playing, socializing.

I don't think I'm a part of this subculture just yet. I hope I'll be able to stay out of it, but I don't think I've ever met a 12th grader completely immune to senioritis.

*Photo credits to Flickr
*Info credits to Urban Dictionary