Kevin A. Duncan ADE Application Video

Econ Documentary Project

Class: Economics

Mac Application: iMovie

Description and Rubric
external image pdf.png Fall 2009 Econ Documentary Project Info.pdf

Documentary Examples
  • Mina, Stacy: How did the building of Tower Palace affect the area around it?
  • Emily, Priscilla "How do Korean brands compete with foreign brands in the same market?"
  • Jennifer, Ji Hee What are the economic benefits of Metropolitan Unity Fare system?

Progressive Era Newspaper Project

Class: US History

Mac Application: Pages

Description and Rubric
external image zip.png Progressive Era Project Fall 2009.pages

Project Examples

external image pdf.png 'Taxi Express' Mike, Stephanie, Daniel.pdf
external image pdf.png The Daily Spoon REVISED.pdf
external image x-zip.png Primary Source Analyses Example.pages