5 Questions:
1. Although yoga and meditation brings positive effects to our daily lives, people are all different. Were there any cases where people who believed they were not affected by the Art of Living courses at all? How did you appease and persuade the victims and volunteers to continue to join the Art of Living?

2. What were some religious tensions and difficulties when the Art of Living was started in 1989?

3. Since the foundation focuses mainly on yoga classes, the culture of Hindu and Muslim may be unapproachable for some people. How does the Art of Living Foundation advertise to be more open to victims and volunteers?

4. The Art of Living has been nonprofit, educational and humanitarian organization in the U.S. since 1989 but now it has its regional centers in 150 countries. What does a single organization must do to successfully extend to regional and international centers?

5. Dance and Tai-chi are also a form of stress-elimination and they bring serenity to the mind. What do you think about adding dance and Tai-chi as one of the courses?